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Stroll past the courtyard and up the steps to the expansive covered porch of the Lincoln Building. Known as the “Cottage,” the original early nineteenth century hotel building was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1899.

As the village changed ownership, the Lincoln Building (re-named during the Country School era, 1916-1952) was used as a girl’s dormitory during the Orphans School period (1869-1912) and again for the Country School. Good News Productions (1952-1974) used it to house its workers as well as produce, edit and view its film productions.

Today the Lincoln Building houses the Historic Yellow Springs administration offices and archives. It is also the home of the Chester Springs Library, a branch of the Chester County Library System, which Historic Yellow Springs helped establish in 1974-75. But most importantly, it serves as the site of most of the organization’s many events and programs.

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