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East Meadow at Historic Yellow Springs

Stroll down the hill and across the old tennis court behind the Studio to the path entering the garden portion of the East Meadows. In the late 1980’s/early 1990’s Historic Yellow Springs reconstructed the “Oriental Bog Gardens” originally installed in the 1920’s to provide inspiration and subject matter for students at the Country School. The restoration of two historic springhouses was also part of the project.

The 1830’s Jenny Lind Springhouse was named after a visit from the “Swedish Nightingale” in 1850. Legend has it that she was lowered into the pool on a swing during a private bathing session.

The Crystal Diamond Springhouse, c. 1840, houses a magnesium spring whose waters are crystal clear and sparkle like diamonds. It has a unique diamond shaped pool as well as a diamond shaped opening in the roof. The interior of both springhouses can be viewed through openwork iron doors. A wood chip path leads you through the lush gardens.

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